Cassava Applied Research for Food Security

Atimango Sharon raises a cassava stem tuber harvested from the joint farmers group garden. Photo credit: Oxfam

About the Project

This is a 3-year Applied Research Fund project funded by NWO-WOTRO designed to improve the food and income security situation of 2,500 small holder farmers in Pader and Oyam districts in Northern Uganda.

This project focuses on cassava, the most important staple crop in this region and sustainably improve the food security situation, initiatives aim to boost production and utilisation and improve market access.


To improve the food and income security situation of 2,500 direct beneficiaries in the districts of Oyam and Pader in Northern Uganda through identifying and increasing their access to high-yielding cassava varieties and linking them to fair markets for their value-added products.

Project Approach

The project is implemented through a co-creation approach, where NaCRRI, works closely with farmers, Oxfam, and the A2N. Project interventions are based on applied research where NACRRI works with farmers to evaluate and test the near-release six cassava varieties; increasing farmers’ knowledge on disease management, increasing farmer access to quality cassava planting materials as well as improve quality of cassava and cassava products for better market access.

Oxfam provides linkages to private sector, civil society organisations and governments as well as experience of working in other countries on similar projects. It also brings knowledge on gender in the value chain and knowledge on monitoring and evaluation processes and mechanisms.

Women’s rights are at the centre of Oxfam’s work and of the 2,500 small holder farmers we reach, 60% are women. This project also contributes to our overall vision where citizens, and particularly women, across all age groups claim and exercise their rights and responsibilities; and can influence decisions that affect their lives.

Oxfam delivers this work with two partners

  1. Africa 2000 Network (A2N)
  2. National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI)

Areas where this work is implemented in Uganda

  1. Pader district
  2. Oyam district