Sarah, the chairperson of a handicrafts group in Bidibidi refugee setttlement, uses a microphone to call women to join her group. Photo: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
In Uganda’s Bidibidi refugee resettlement camp, one woman is helping others make money—and heal—through a jewelry-making group. Forced from their homes after three years of brutal civil war in South Sudan, more than a million people are starting again as refugees in resettlement areas in Uganda...
Oruukit Farmers’ Group members during a cassava variety yield tasting in Pader district. Photo credit:Oxfam
The world produces enough foods to feed everyone but up to 795 million people of whom 70% are directly involved in production are malnourished. UNFAO also estimates that 800 million people go to bed hungry daily. Interestingly 80% of the food consumed in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa are provided by...
William Mazzu
“It is not by accident that I chose to focus on Gender and Protection which is only a small part of my Development Studies Degree,” starts William Mazzu. “I wanted to advocate for a change, especially, in the way women and girls are treated in our communities.”