Not if you want domestic revenue mobilization to succeed

Why we must not trade civic space for fiscal revenue

“What can we do to end the suffering that we have faced for a long time in our country? We hear the sound of bombs, bombs have finished us all. We can see that Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya have developed because they are peaceful. What can we the Acholi people do to unite and bring peace?”...
Boys at Eden II Primary school join Baskania Armitege, Rhino Camp Settlement Commandant to officially commission the latrine blocks for use. Photo credit:Oxfam

Schools are supposed to be safe, friendly environments for children to learn. However, few schools in the refugee settlements of Rhino camp, Imvepi and Bidibidi in Arua and Yumbe Districts respectively, have latrines. Those with latrines are unisex, and also accommodate the teachers.