Supporting my siblings to study higher than I did

I am Drapari Bernard, a 20-year-old Ugandan residing in Nakamura village, Angazi parish Omugo sub-county Terego district.

I grew up in hard conditions where my father could not support our education, dropping out of school in 2017. I then resorted to doing casual work for neighbours to pay school fees for my two brothers and provide some little support for the family.

When Oxfam came on the ground with adverts to take youth for vocational skills training, I took the initiative to apply for motorcycle repair. After a month, we were invited for an interview conducted by OPM, Oxfam and our parish chief for Angazi parish in Omugo settlement. I emerged as one of the successful candidates.

In February 2021, Oxfam took us to Omugo technical school, where we were taught hands-on skills for three months. In June 2021, Oxfam gave me tools for motorcycle repair.

I started with minor repairs on motorcycles at Omugo trading centre where I could get 5,000/= UGX to 10,000/= per day. However, after one month of my existence at the trading centre, many boda-boda men and other people knew that I was the only one trained in Motorcycle repair. They started bringing their motorcycles to repair. I can now get 25,000/= to 40,000/= UGX per day.

Due to my overwhelming work, I engaged and trained one person to work with me, and I pay him 2,000/= -3,000/=UGX per day. I plan to train more people who are willing to get knowledge and skills of motorcycle repair. From the day I started this business, giving support to my family has never been a problem. I fully support my brothers and sisters.

I am hopeful that I will excel in this business.

My appreciation goes to Oxfam and Omugo technical school for shaping my life.

Prepared by Andrew Moini Drichi, EFSVL Assistant-Imvepi field Office

Oxfam in Uganda, with funding from Oxfam IBIS, has been implementing an Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods ( EFSVL) project within and around Imvepi and Omugo zone of Rhino camp refugee settlement in West Nile sub-region. The project is titled Enhancing youth entrepreneurship and employability skills for sustainable livelihoods in refugee and host communities, West Nile, Uganda. The project seeks to empower vulnerable South Sudan refugee youth to have sustainable access to employment opportunities and dignified livelihoods. the project is a continuity of Oxfam’s previous intervention to introduce livelihood support programs, enabling refugees and host communities to rebuild their productive assets and enhance their entrepreneurship aspirations.