In May 2020, amidst the corona pandemic, Uganda reopened its borders for 3 days, to provide refuge to the asylum seekers fleeing the fresh fighting in DRC. They were temporarily settled in Zombo district, pending relocation to Imvepi refugee settlement.

Between 6-8 August 2020, the Congolese Asylum seekers were transported from Zombo district to Imvepi Reception Centre, from where they would be resettled in Imvepi refugee settlement - Terego District. This was done following a communication from the Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees requiring immediate action. A total of 338 households/892 individuals were received at the Reception Centre.

Oxfam received funding from European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid to the tune of €100,000 to implement an integrated WASH intervention targeting the DRC asylum seekers. The 6 months project is aimed at meeting the immediate WASH and protection needs of the 892 persons of concern, and reducing the vulnerability of refugee women, girls, boys, men to public health risks. With the spread of coronavirus, Oxfam has adapted its humanitarian aid projects, including in the EU funded response, to the new challenges by creating awareness of the virus, and promoting health and hygiene measures.

  • Refugee from the DRC disembarks the UNHCR bus in Imvepi.

    A refugee from the DRC disembarks the UNHCR bus in Imvepi at the reception center.

  • Covid19 IPC measures are effected as refugees enter the reception center.

  • Covid19 IPC measures are effected as refugees enter the reception center.

  • Oxfam’s Martina guides refugees as they queue up for registration.

  • Offloading of the Asylum seekers’ luggage.

  • “We are working with OPM and other operational partners like Oxfam to resettle the refugees. After registration, the refugees will be relocated to their gazetted homes in Imvepi Zone 3,” Marie Louise, Head of UNHCR Arua.

  • Oxfam staff and UNHCR carrying out a reconnaissance of expected plots for the DRC asylum seekers in Imvepi Zone 3.

  • 27 Year Old Ayerango Georgine fled for safety to the Uganda border with her four children.