land use

Oxfam carried out a study on land and inequality inUganda dubbed “Locked out: How unfair land systems are leaving the rich richer and the poor poorer.” This report highlights the link between land and inequality and underscores the need to review policies, laws and regulations governing...
Inequities in land ownership and access are possibly one of the most common injustices that have persisted in Uganda since the pre-colonial times. Unfair land use policies and practices and the lack of security of tenure must be immediately addressed if Uganda is to achieve its development goals...
The main objective of the Land Awareness Week (LAW) is to provide platforms for massive community awareness raising and community capacity strengthening on land rights, land governance, administration and land laws for effective and improved delivery and accountability in the land services.
Zawadi Esther harvesting cassava on her farm in Tiapi village, Ayavu Parish. The mother of five children supports her family with farming.
Land is a very vital resource in production, to be able to grow more food in order to improve nutrition and raise incomes; women need equal access to land and production services. Whereas women carry out the bulk of agricultural production
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