Share our message

One of the Oxfam-SINFA internet Now centres for youth employment  in Gulu. Photo credit: Oxfam

Everyone is key in the fight against poverty. You can be part of our work and one of the easiest ways besides working with Oxfam is to help us raise awareness on a number of issues by sharing our message through stories, images, videos and publications.

You can access information and start the conversation here: Twitter | Facebook |YoutubeFlickr | Issuu and from the latest page of our website.

We are also interested in hearing your stories that speak to the work we do so send us an email, leave us a message on face book and share with us links to your blogs and other story sources. You don't need a social media account to spread the word, you can also make a call or send a text to share a memorable story or to ask someone to do something on behalf of Oxfam.

Join the movement for change by supporting the different campaigns on issues around violence against women/girls, tax justice, climate change, women land rights and a number of other inequality issues affecting our country. Some of the ways you can join the campaign is by finding and attending events on our calendar, signing petitions, joining our online and offline discussions and that of our partners as well mobilising your networks to take action on different campaign issues. We are happy to be part of the global movement for change and hope you are!