youth empowerment

This paper aims to understand how African governments are working towards inclusive growth in which all youth participate. In particular, we analyse the literature on governmental youth employment policies and programmes in Africa, based on a desk review of academic and grey literature.
Oxfam recognizes the challenges of gender inequality faced by communities especially women and youth. Working with partners, we are enhancing the capacity of women and youth to take up leadership positions and influence decisions that affect their lives.
This publication showcases how Oxfam and partners are empowering youth through various interventions to unleash their underlying potential. Oxfam believes that the issues youth are faced with will be addressed only if there is a major shift in the educational curriculum to include vocational and...
Ngoya Hellen and her husband Longima Lopila
Oxfam has been working in Uganda since the 1960s focusing both on development and humanitarian program to support practical innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty. All that is reflected in this report is as a result of the work that Oxfam and more than 30 partners have jointly...
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