violence against women

Divorced with four kids, Esther (not real names) battled with a violent partner for several years. Constrained by the belief in the Lugbara culture that domestic violence is a private issue, Esther couldn’t open up about the issue and thus continued to conceal and live with this for the years they...
William Mazzu
“It is not by accident that I chose to focus on Gender and Protection which is only a small part of my Development Studies Degree,” starts William Mazzu. “I wanted to advocate for a change, especially, in the way women and girls are treated in our communities.”
Peace endorses the 16 days of Activism call to end gender based violence in Rhinocamp settlement
Due to the gender-structured, unequal roles of women and men, disasters and crises impact women, men, girls, and boys in radically different ways. The change in social, cultural, and political structures redefines women’s and men’s statuses – in both positive and negative ways. Men, women, boys,...
photo credit: Oxfam
Oxfam in Uganda combines all its work (humanitarian, long term development and Advocacy) in order to influence and achieve change at national level. By this we are able to influence formulation and implementation of policies, budgeting processes, social practices, attitudes and beliefs, in such a...
Zawadi Esther harvesting cassava on her farm in Tiapi village, Ayavu Parish. The mother of five children supports her family with farming.
Land is a very vital resource in production, to be able to grow more food in order to improve nutrition and raise incomes; women need equal access to land and production services. Whereas women carry out the bulk of agricultural production
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