tax system

This case study shows the power of swift and coordinated action, backed by a wide constituency of citizens to change regressive tax policies, and illustrates how citizens can improve public finance management at both local and national levels.
Oxfam in Uganda in partnership with the Tax Justice Alliance in Uganda, SEATINI, CSBAG, and Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) have released this statement in response to the legislators’ decision on three important aspects:
January 23, Kampala: The Uganda Tax System is widening the inequality gap according to a new report launched today by Oxfam, SEATINI and other members of the Tax Justice Alliance Uganda. The report launch, which was officiated by the Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kasaija, comes as political and...
Community members are now working hand in hand to monitor and demand for accountability for services
Uganda is currently implementing a number of policy and administrative measures to generate revenues to finance service delivery and development projects. Revenues are being targeted from both tax and non-tax sources. Citizens are obliged by law to pay taxes, and the government is required to let...
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