Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Oxfam has become made aware of unscrupulous people using its name and logo fraudulently.

In messages communicated to targeted members of the public, the perpetrators of the scam use fake identification carrying the Oxfam logo and name. The messages identified relate to recruitment and education scholarships allegedly being conducted or offered by Oxfam. The recipients of these messages are asked to pay money to be recruited or granted scholarships or procured to supply goods of services to Oxfam.

The public is advised that Oxfam has no links to these unscrupulous and fraudulent individuals. Recruitments and procurements are done using formal processes which are advertised in the print media and on our official website Oxfam does not offer education scholarships either singly or in partnership with other agencies or individuals. Oxfam does not request for payments from individuals seeking employment or seeking to supply goods or services.

The public is advised to be alert to avoid falling victim of these scams. Oxfam is not liable for any losses suffered by any members of the public. In the event any member of the public is contacted by these fraudsters, he/she is advised to immediately report the matter to the Uganda Police.

Please do not submit payment for any recruitment or any other process in the name of Oxfam.

Oxfam is taking steps to involve the Uganda Police and have the fraudsters apprehended.