Oxfam Launches NO TIME TO MOURN, calls for inclusion of women in National Peace processes.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Arua, 10th December 2021: As we commemorate the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Oxfam has launched No Time to Mourn: An Anthology by South Sudanese Women. The book is a collection of short stories, memoirs, poems, artwork, and photography by 41 women living in South Sudan and across the diaspora.
Their literary and artistic expressions provide deeply personal insights into the experiences of South Sudanese women in relation to conflict, displacement, patriarchal gender norms and gender-based violence.
The book reflects the lives of the writers and gives a voice to the actual lived experiences of women of South Sudanese heritage.
Oxfam supported the book as part of its peacebuilding initiatives, part of the broader humanitarian work. Oxfam partnered with FEMRITE-Uganda Women Writers Association on this project to help raise the voices of those who are not sufficiently heard—South Sudanese women living in South Sudan and across the diaspora.
Speaking at the event, the Oxfam in Uganda Country Director Mr Odokorach Shanty Francis said, “We supported this process to bring together seasoned and nascent South Sudanese female writers to think, foster belief in themselves, forge a sisterhood and share an artistic presentation of their thoughts and experiences. The outcome is this powerful piece we are launching today – No Time to Mourn.”
Odokorach added, “Oxfam hopes that this publication will contribute to the earnest dialogue about the impacts of discriminatory gender norms, conflict, and displacement on South Sudanese women and the country more broadly.” We hope that the Governments can use it to inform their efforts on creating lasting peace. The academia and researchers can make reference. The media can give more platform for these women to share their stories, and for all of us, use the book to inform our various interventions.
The half-day event that will be graced by a representative from the Office of the Prime Minister, different RDCs, RCC, LCV chairpersons, women writers, UNHCR and other development partners, among others, will take place on 10th December 2021 at Desert Breeze Hotel – Arua City from 10am to 2pm.
About Oxfam
Oxfam is a global organization committed to tackling the root causes of poverty and Inequality. We deliver this commitment by providing quality and timely Humanitarian support for crisis-affected communities, promoting women’s rights, enhancing resilient livelihoods, and championing inclusive and accountable governance. We partner with local and grassroots organizations, civil society, individuals, volunteers, the private sector, and the government.
Background about Oxfam’s humanitarian work
Oxfam is committed to delivering humanitarian work in the country. We are responding to the needs of the South Sudanese and DRC refugees and their host communities in Northern and Southwestern Uganda. We have worked with communities affected by floods, and local conflicts, to strengthen their resilience and empower their local governments and partners to take the lead.
Our response includes water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihoods support and work to enhance safety and protection, especially of women and girls. We strive to ensure that refugees participate and take leadership in addressing the challenges of their own communities, including through direct funding to refugee-led organizations to carry out a range of activities, including peacebuilding to address tension among refugees and between refugees and host communities. We help to make sure children do not miss out on education through our education project that’s implemented both in Uganda and SSD. We work closely with civil society to address discriminatory gender norms, promote women’s participation in peacebuilding, and strengthen the accountability of local and
national government structures. We engage in wider and cross border advocacy at various levels to foster rights in crisis.
For more information contact; Dorah.Ntunga@oxfam.org Dorah Ntunga, Oxfam Media and Communications Coordinator