Oxfam in Uganda Annual Report 2019-2020

Paper author: 
Oxfam in Uganda
Paper publication date: 
Friday, December 18, 2020

This annual report is an opportunity to give an insight in our program  which is hinged on three thematic areas which aim to promote women’s rights, good governance and accountability, resilient livelihoods as well as enhance preparedness, reduce vulnerability to disaster and ensure an effective response to humanitarian crises. All the three themes work towards key broad result areas on; influencing policy and practice, empowerment of women and youth for socio-economic development; mindset change and participation in decision making at various levels. In addition, we support capacity strengthening of national and local actors. The report is also an acknowlegement of Oxfam in Uganda staff, partners, media, donors, service providers, global colleagues and networks that contributed towards our vision of a Uganda free from extreme inequality and injustice.