Quarterly Newsletter July - September 2022

Paper publication date: 
Thursday, November 24, 2022

Over the last couple of months, WE-Care has embarked on an exciting journey to reflect on what we have accomplished so far and use these reflections to plan for more journeys ahead. Our team met in Uganda in August—our first face-to-face meeting as a programme in more than two years (page 3)—to foster an inclusive platform for inter-country learning and innovation. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside passionate women and men care advocates from the WE-Care countries and partners.

In this issue of the WE-Care Stories, our team reinforces our commitment to help address care-related challenges in the African region. In Zimbabwe, for instance,
WALPE and Oxfam presented a gender-responsive budget proposal to 45 Members of Parliament to encourage them to craft policies and enact legislation that would take UCDW from the debate phase to take actions (page 7). Meanwhile, in Kenya, a Technical Working Group composed of 14 care policy champions was formed in Kitui County to ensure care is prioritized at policy level and by the private sector (page 12). All of these and more in this issue!