MEDIA ADVISORY: 20 November 2020: “COVID-19 in Africa: Lessons for a Just Recovery” High Level Event

Oxfam and SOAS are organising a high-level virtual event on “Covid-19 Response across Africa: Lessons for a Just Recovery”. The event is part of Oxfam’s efforts to bring expert Southern voices into the heart of the world’s Covid-19 response.

Based on experience tackling diseases like Ebola, SARS, HIV and more, many low and middle-income countries in Africa have gained invaluable knowledge about how best to manage outbreaks like Covid-19. They have lessons to share about how to respond to the pandemic and its socio-economic challenges.

The event brings together public health experts and leaders from several African contexts to share best practices in mitigating health, societal and economic impacts, building upon their experiences in battling similar diseases in countries like South Africa, DR Congo and Malawi. The event will seek to advise policy makers on the most effective approaches to monitor, respond to, and rebuild after the pandemic.

Speakers will include:

  • Hon. Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister of Health, Liberia
  • Dr. David Nabarro, UN WHO Covid-19 Special Envoy
  • Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, Director General, National Institute for Biomedical Research, Professor of Microbiology at Kinshasa University Medical School in DRC
  • Siphokazi (Sipho) Mthathi, Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa
  • Dr. Ekwaro Oburu, X-President of Uganda Medical Association, physician, researcher and academic
  • Rev. Nicta Lubaale, General Secretary of the Organisation of African Instituted Churches.
  • Dr. Michael Jennings, lecturer and researcher in East African politics and the politics of development.
  • Abby Maxman, President and CEO, Oxfam America

Venue & Time

The event will take place on 20 November 2020 at 14:00 UTC / 17:00 EAT / 08:00 CDT on Oxfam International’s zoom account.

Registration to the event is required. Kindly RVSP

Q&A will be taken live and in advance during registration to support the moderator and speakers in managing the time for debate. There will be live translation into English and French.

The event will also be live streamed on our Oxfam You Tube channel. Oxfam is also extending the conversation on its “Power and the Pandemic” podcast series, which interviews people we work with in conflict affected contexts. The podcast will be airing throughout November and December 2020.

Speakers Quotes:

Abby Maxman, President of Oxfam America:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, affecting people in every corner of the world. But the impacts are not the same for everyone: women and the poorest and the most marginalised among us face the worst effects.”

“Middle and low-income countries face additional challenges in dealing with Covid-19, with under-resourced public health and social support systems, but in many cases are mounting some of the world’s most effective responses, largely thanks to their experience with past epidemics. We need to shift the Covid-19 response debate away from the same few Northern voices and learn from those who are getting this response right. Ending the injustice of poverty means fighting for a just Covid-19 response and building economic and health systems that serve everyone fairly. As the pandemic continues, Oxfam will continue to work with partners and local leaders to push for a Covid-19 response that ensures we all can recover better together.”

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Dr. David Nabarro, UN WHO Covid-19 Special Envoy

"Successes of countries with recent experience in responding to other outbreaks of infectious disease, where a focus on the good health of populations is paving the way for maintaining people’s livelihoods and local economies, may well provide valuable lessons for communities and nations that are struggling to implement a more centralized COVID19 response. They also offer clues for how best to protect those most at risk and encourage their participation in collective action”.

Mr Nabarro is a medical doctor who has made his career in the international civil service, working for either the Secretary-General of the United Nations or the Director-General of the World Health Organization. Most recently from February 2020 he has helped the DGWHO respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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