TOR : Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design of Water Supply in Kyaka II, Cluster 3 (Sweswe, Buliti And Part Of Itambabiniga)

The situation of water access in Kyaka II has continued to fluctuate periodically, this worries many WASH actors. According to the Interagency Participatory assessment conducted in early October and led by UNHCR, water access has remained as low as 14 litres per person per day(l/p/d) (UNHCR October 2018), while the interagency WASH sector Gap analysis indicates a further decline in water supply, standing at 9l/p/d by March 2019. Sanitation gap has remained high, WASH partners have managed to put in place 8,531 Household latrine out of the targeted 17,687 latrines (WASH sector Gap analysis March 2019), 343 School latrines are still required to meet the current enrolment of 19,948 children in existing 9 schools. Until the camp capacity is reached, WASH needs are expected to grow as new refugees keep arriving.

Oxfam is the lead WASH partner in Kyaka II refugee settlement, implementing on behalf of OPM and UNHCR. In partnership with other WASH actors the global objective is to provide safe and reliable WASH services to refugees and surrounding host communities.

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