Terms Of Reference (TORs) for a Consultant to conduct an analysis on funding allocation to the implementation of the Education Response Plan (ERP) for refugees and host communities.


It’s been two years since the development of the Education Response Plan (ERP). The plan would address education needs of communities hosting refuges and refugees themselves. This would change their education service by providing primary school children with scholastic material, training teachers to ensure that children will receive a better quality education, providing assistive devices such as hearing aids and braille textbooks to children with learning disabilities, constructing permanent classrooms for learners, providing sanitary materials and training to keep adolescent girls in school and pay teachers’ salaries among others.

These TORs are for hiring a consultant to develop an analytical policy paper on financing the implementation of the Refugee Education Response Plan for Refugees and Host communities 2018 and how implementation of district commitments have been financed at the district level.

These TORs present the overall purpose of the consultancy, Policy and legal frameworks to be analyzed , scope of work, the suggested methodology and approaches, the expected outputs and the required qualification and experiences of the consultant to undertake the analysis.


Oxfam in Uganda as a partner is implementing the Resilient Learners, Teachers and Education Systems project in the districts of Lamwo and Palabek refugee settlement.

This project is a 5 year project funded by European Union under its program of "Building Resilience: Education Opportunities in Fragile and Crisis Affected Environments”. The project is being implemented in collaboration with Uganda National Teachers Union, and Forum for African Educationists and AVSI and Luigi Guissani in Uganda.

The purpose of this project, is to address the immediate needs of the targeted communities while supporting both individuals and systems to become more resilient by for example strengthening  the adaptability of states, societies, communities and individuals to political, economic, environmental or societal pressures. It aims at improving the access to quality primary education for learners between the ages of 6 to 25 years in both formal and non formal education systems to build resilience in their life skills in terms of active citizenship, conflict prevention and technical skills. This will be achieved through the Accelerated Learning Program model for learners, life skills for pregnant and young mothers, ensuring safe learning environments and by improving the skills of teachers to support the target learners by addressing the capacity needs for teacher professional development of primary school teachers.

The activities of the project will successfully lead to both learners and teachers in targeted areas having benefited from the project and that there will be an improvement in the resilience of education systems in both Uganda and South Sudan. As a result its hoped that there will be Evidence of policies and programs in favor of displaced refugees, host populations and teachers.

It’s against this background that Oxfam is looking for a competent consultant to undertake this analysis and develop a policy analytical paper that will inform policy influencing actions in the next financial year.

Purpose of the consultancy

The overall objective of the consultancy is to ascertain if public finances have been allocated in the FY 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 to the implementation of the ERP. The paper will highlight how much funding has been allocated in the last three financial years and also show where it has been allocated. This will guide the policy influencing plan for the next budget process to ensure that the state sets aside resources to support the implementation of this plan by especially providing the most needed aspects to advance education for refugees.

Scope of work

As a consultant, you are expected and not limited to;

  • Develop the inception report and present it to Oxfam for discussion and consideration.
  • Develop data collection tools /materials for tracking and monitoring budget allocations to Education Response Plan for refugees and Host Communities in the Office of the Prime Minister and disaster preparedness and management votes and share with Oxfam.
  • Conduct a desk research and analysis of ministerial policy statements budget framework papers to ascertain implementation commitments associated with funding allocations to the implementation of the Education response plan for Refugees and Host Communities.
  • Develop and submit Policy analytical paper with recommendations on how to increase allocation to the implementation of this plan.
  • Develop and share a policy influencing and engagement plan for the recommendations suggested.

Key deliverables

The consultant will work closely with Governance And Accountability (BRICE) designated staff and submit all the deliverables to Oxfam.

  • Inception report that will be discussed and considered;
  • Analytical policy paper revealing the state of financing and resource allocations trends towards the implementation of the Education Response Plan for refugees and host communities that will show the resource allocation to implementation of the ERP.
  • A policy engagement and influencing plan to increase resource allocation to the efficient implementation of the Education Response Plan for refugees and host communities.

Notable: All deliverables shall be submitted in softcopy in an editable format.

Methodology and approaches

The methodology will be proposed by the consultant/s. However, Oxfam expects the consultant to apply participatory and interactive approaches to engage stakeholders during the study. The consultant is also expected to adopt online collaborative tools to give an opportunity to key stakeholders to share their perspectives and experiences.

Time frame and timelines for the consultancy

The assignment is planned to take place during the month of December 2020 and is anticipated to take not more than 21 working days.


A technical and financial proposal clearly labelled, “Proposal for analysis on funding allocation to the implementation of the Education Response Plan (ERP)” should be submitted to ugandalogistics@oxfam.org by Thursday, 10th December, 2020.