TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR A RAPPORTEUR: National Stakeholders' Event to Popularize Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS)

About Oxfam

Oxfam is a worldwide organisation working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries focusing on the alleviation of global poverty. Oxfam in Uganda works with others to end inequality and its injustices.

About Empower @ Scale Project ( 7th May 2019 to 6th May 2020)

Scaling up household methodologies from thousands to millions (Empower @ Scale) is a four-year Multi-country project implemented in 3 countries (Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria) with an ultimate objective of scaling up the use of Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) through establishing a network of self-sustaining Empowerment Learning Centers (ELCs). ELCs are service centers for Gender Action Learning System (GALS) to different clients including Local government, Private Sector, CSOs, development actors, humanitarian actors, rural households, research / knowledge and academic institutions. ELCs provide an opportunity for people to learn about GALS and the different models of how GALS can / has been integrated in different development programme.

About GALS

GALS is a structured community-led empowerment methodology which aims at creating self-led economic, social and political transformation starting at community level. It works with women and men to develop their visions for change, appreciate their strengths, achievements and work collectively to address gender inequalities within the family and community. Using the power of symbols and principles of inclusion, GALS uses a set of tools that enable individuals and households to plan their lives, identify and negotiate their needs and interests for gender-equitable livelihoods thus enabling them to change the gender and power relations that would otherwise constrain them from achieving their visions.

About the event

The National Stakeholders event which will take place on Monday 9th December 2019 will convene a range of stakeholder’s Including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Government agencies, Development partners, Academia, Media, Politicians, from across different divides for a one day workshop with an ultimate objective of popularizing GALS for further upscaling.

The event will be characterized by a main session in the morning, three break away sessions during mid-morning and a panel discussion and plenary in the afternoon.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Showcasing Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) and models of integration
  • Demonstrate the justification for mainstreaming gender in development and humanitarian interventions using GALS
  • Popularizing Empowerment Learning Centers (ELCs) among stakeholders to attract potential clients

Justification for the Rapporteur

Oxfam and partners will be actively engaged in the discussions during the event which the rapporteur (s) will be expected to capture. The discussions and commitments thus need to be well documented and actions keenly followed through. Three rapporteurs will thus be required to undertake this assignment.

Role of the Rapporteur

  • Critically record and document the discussions and views of the participants including commitments made.
  • Develop and share the overall workshop report with high quality photos

Time period

The assignment will run for 4 days and the rapporteur (s) will be expected to deliver the report in a period not more than 4days (This means 1 day for the event and 3 days for reporting)

Terms of payment

The rapporteur will receive payment in line with Oxfam’s rapporteur rates after delivering the final report with clear action points.

Skills and Qualifications

A degree in humanities, social sciences with enormous experience in rappoteuring for NGOs and other development partners. A sample of previous work should be presented to help Oxfam make an informed choice


For interested applicants, please submit your proposal (technical and financial) and a cover letter to Ugandalogistics@oxfam.org with email subject: RAPPORTEUR- GALS EVENT, no later than 5:00 PM (GMT +3) on 02nd December, 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.