TERMS OF REFERENCE: Irish Aid PG2 Grant Project Documentation In West Nile, Karamoja And Acholi


Oxfam is a worldwide Organization that works together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries, focusing on the alleviation of global poverty.

Oxfam in Uganda works with others to end inequality and its injustices. The country program is anchored on three thematic goals, which aim to promote women’s rights, good Governance and accountability, Resilient livelihoods as well as enhance humanitarian preparedness, reduce vulnerability to disasters and ensure an effective response to humanitarian crises.

About Irish Aid PG2 project

Oxfam in Uganda, with funding from Irish Aid, is implementing a 5-year (2017-2021) project focusing on two core areas of Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth. The project focuses on two key broad areas; Women and Youth Economic Empowerment (W/YEE) and Gender Equality (GE). Implementation of these key areas is delivered by Oxfam working with local partners; CEDOVIP and UWONET for Gender Equality. These partners are responsible for providing institutional support to duty bearers aimed at increasing gender equality, stimulating local activism to prevent GBV, and enhancing women’s participation by building strong accountable women leaders. UYONET and IFRAD are responsible for increasing Youth Economic Empowerment, while AFCE and TUNADO are delivering activities aimed at increasing Women's Economic Empowerment.

The project is being implemented in 7 districts in 3 regions. This include Packwach, Nebbi, Zombo, Arua, Gulu, Lamwo, Kotido and Kaabong.

Purpose of the consultancy

Oxfam needs a consultant to document stories of change and case studies from all the Irish Aid PG2 program components

Objectives of the documentation

  • To showcase the impact of the project and the change in people’s lives.
  • To showcase the complementarity of the different components in the integrated project

Target group

Primary targets: Donors

Secondary targets: Other stakeholders including the government etc.

Expected Deliverables

  • 15 minutesoverall project video documentary and a shorter online version of not more than 8 minutes
  • Three 10 - 15-minute short videos of the different three thematic areas ((Economic empowerment for youth, Economic empowerment for women, Gender equality) clearly bringing out the different subthemes.
  • A blog of 500 – 700 words.
  • 250 edited high resolution images with captions (delivered on both DVD and with a link) depicting all the result areas
  • 42 paged project booklet (consisting of stories of change, info graphics, high resolution photos and case studies)
  • 1 page impact summary
  • Submission of 3 final master videos on DVD, Project booklet and project photos
  • Soft copies of the films packaged in high resolution but compression for online sharing
  • Raw footages captured in project areas.
  • Consent forms of all people interviewed/filmed

Areas/ Topics for content generation

  • Participation of women, youth and PWDS in Value chains, business, among others
  • Women leadership at levels
  • Value add of the project in complementing government programs
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Involvement of the referral actors
  • Community’s’ views and perceptions about the project impact
  • Contribution of the project to national level discussions on youth and women
  • Project Innovations
  • Learnings
  • Partnerships
  • The intangible changes in people’s lives including at household level


  • Consent of people explicitly portrayed – consent forms must be signed
  • Photographs/video should include a range of shots from:
  1. Dynamic and observational shots of people conveying action, movement and energy
  2. Portrait shots - try to shoot a balance of portrait and landscape shots.
  3. Animated portraits of key individuals conveying their personality and emotion (both acknowledging the camera and not)
  4. Close-up detail of relevant objects and textures.
  5. Scene and context shots. Include a panoramic shot when the scene contains activities of interest
  6. Lively, striking, ‘slice-of-life’ images.
  7. Gender balanced images, voices /footages portraying the people as empowered

Please note that Oxfam does not work with black and white shots

Consultancy Location

The documentation will be done in the 7 district project areas of Packwach, Nebbi, Zombo, Arua, Gulu, Lamwo, Kotido and Kaboong.

Responsibilities of the Consultant

The Consultant should work closely with Project team to accomplish the following tasks;

  • Hold preparatory discussion with Project Team and communication Team at Oxfam about the activity
  • Prepare a shooting script and an editing script and share them with Oxfam for approval
  • Provide narration for overall project documentary.
  • Capture video footage as agreed with project and communications team and as according to the prepared script.
  • Any background music will be provided by the consultant. Any music used must not have copyright concerns.
  • Accurately Translate the project beneficiaries' voice into English for subtitles.
  • Where the beneficiary speaks English but not fluently, the consultant shall include subtitles
  • Prepare draft videos and booklet and submit it to Oxfam for review and feedback before the deadline of the contract. Enough time should be given to allow for review and feedback
  • Finalize the documentation according to the feedback provided by the project team.

Expectations from the consultant

  • The consultant will adhere to Oxfam policies of do no harm, child protection and acquiring informed consent.
  • The consultant will sign the Oxfam external code of conduct.
  • The consultant will present his / her subjects with dignity.
  • The consultant will be expected to bring creativity

Responsibilities Of Oxfam and Partners

  • Oxfam and Partners will provide reference materials, analyse the quality of the products, and give input to drafts
  • Support the consultant to coordinate field activities through the partners’ field staff and beneficiaries.
  • Provide leads for possible cases for documentation
  • Ensure that feedback is provided for the consultant when and where necessary.
  • Payment to the consultant as per agreement.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should have at least 3 years experiences in development communication and using audio-visual recording, editing, and media production; clear understanding of the technical aspects of video making process and understanding of social development field is required along with experiences on using different tools and techniques in developing appropriate and quality audio-visual products

Applications should include three references of similar work.

Time schedule

The documentation will be executed within 30 days starting from submission of the inception report and script. The consultant is expected to present a plan/schedule on how they will execute the assignment

Fees payment

The consultant will be paid in accordance with Oxfam's consulting policy which stipulates 100% upon successful completion and acceptance of the final products.

For interested applicants, please submit your technical and financial proposal clearly breaking down the budget and other supporting documents to Ugandalogistics@oxfam.org with email subject: Irish Aid PG2 Grant Project Documentation, not later than 5:00 PM (GMT +3) on Wednesday 4th December 2019

Only successful candidates will be notified.