Oxfam in Uganda started work in the 1960s delivering development and humanitarian support as part of the global Oxfam confederation; a global movement of people fighting to end inequality and injustice. We tackle the inequalities that make and keep people poor and work to save and protect people’s lives in times of crises. We save and protect people’s lives in times of crises, work with people to build resilience and rebuild their livelihoods and we enable vulnerable people’s voices to be heard and campaign for genuine, durable change.


Oxfam in Uganda is implementing the Resilient Learners, Teachers and Education Systems project in the district of Lamwo-Palabek Refugee Settlement alongside other partners. The project aims at improving the access to quality primary education for learners between the ages of 16-25 years in both formal and informal education systems to build their capacity in the areas of active citizenship, conflict prevention and technical skills.

Three years on since the start of the Brice project, Oxfam in Uganda decided to carry out two studies. These studies are; "Funding Analysis of the Education Response Plan for Refugees and the Host Community" and "Impact of Covid-19 on Girls and Women in Palabek".

Building on the study recommendations and other ongoing education interventions, the project is aiming at advocating for education policy reform. To effectively carry on influencing for education policy reform, there is need to develop a strategy as well as enhance the capacity of BRICE partners in advocacy on education.

It is envisaged that this intervention will strengthen the partners’ knowledge and practical skill set on advocacy, as well as provide a platform for shared learning for a better packaged strategy.

The facilitator

A technical and well experienced facilitator is needed to guide the training on advocacy and practically lead the partners through a planning process that will develop the advocacy strategy for BRICE project Year 4. The facilitator will equip the Brice partners with in-depth expertise to do Educational Advocacy and support in adjusting and restructuring our current strategy.

He or She will:

  • Incorporate all the ideas from the workshop into an actionable strategy
  • Provide an inception report on how the workshop will be, work with the Oxfam team to come up with the agenda and topics that will be covered.
  • Share the final report at the end of the workshop.


All partners involved in the implementation of the BRICE project will have common understanding on education advocacy and how to plan and implement an education advocacy strategy. This will be achieved through the establishment of solid knowledge and skills in education advocacy followed with a clear understanding on how to operationalize the advocacy strategy.

Time frame

The consultant will be given a total of 10 days; 3 days to prepare, 1 day to travel, 3 days for the workshop and 2 days to submit a report. Workshop dates are 12-14 April 2021.

Target participants

The workshop will be attended by 20 participants from Oxfam in Uganda, FAWE, AWE, AVSI, UNATU, UNHCR, ECW, LGIHL, Windle International and OPM.

Expected outputs and activities

  1. Pre-training: The consultant team will draft, submit, revise (if necessary), and finalise the design, substantive material and method of the training, including the pre-training and post-training questionnaire.
  2. During the training: The consultant team will provide training to the participants; and offer hands-on guidance on development of an advocacy strategy building on existing research and related project items.
  3. Post training: The consultant team will draft, submit, revise (if necessary), and finalise the training report and advocacy strategy, including results of pre- and post-questionnaires.

Expected outcome

Capacity of BRICE project partners (implementing and strategic) is enhanced to conduct advocacy work both at the local and national level.


  • Advanced university degree (minimum master’s degree) in Development Studies, International Relations, Social and Political Sciences, Economics, Public Administration, Public Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation or any discipline related to the assignment and equivalent professional experience of a minimum of 10 years
  • In-depth experience in capacity and institutional development and have conducted at least three (3) trainings and facilitating discussions
  • High level expertise in advocacy and policy influencing methodologies including proof minimum three (3) years’ working experience in this field
  • Proven track record with at least three (3) relevant consultancy work in other international organisations on similar assignments

How to apply

Send your proposal with a subject marked “Facilitator for the capacity enhancement of Brice Partners” to ugandalogistics@oxfam.org by 24th March, 2021.