Terms of Reference: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment For Proposed Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant In Rhino Refugee Settlement


The assignment will be carried out in following approach

  • Carry out WASH meeting at each proposed water supply Schemes
  • Ensure the Need Assessment criteria for selection of Schemes according to UNHCR current population data.
  • Use surveying data for identified schemes
  • Well reputed designing software like Epanet, Water CAD and should be followed for complete new schemes
  • AutoCAD Layout maps for transmission and distribution networks should be prepared
  • Layout Profile should be plotted
  • Detail CAD drawing of water supply’s infrastructure proposed in the design
  • Prepare Bill of Quantity (BoQ) with cost estimates for each schemes
  • Submit list of non-local materials of each schemes separately for procurement
  • Design should follow Ministry of Water and Environment design

Responsibilities Of Oxfam

  • Provide support and facilitate in coordination meeting and scheme identification
  • Provide support on finalization of scheme
  • Preparation of ToR, allow access to relevant materials and documents
  • Provide suggestions/comments in design and estimate.
  • Provide consultancy fee of proposed assessment

Responsibilities of Consultant

  • Conduct survey, design and estimate Prepare separate estimate for each scheme
  • Submit design and estimates with AutoCAD drawings for layout, L-profile and proposed structure (Both hard copy and electronic copy).
  • Share the 1st draft design and estimate to Oxfam for comments and incorporate the feedbacks in the final design and estimate
  • Finalize and submit the report incorporating comments from Oxfam/Arua District Water Officer
  • Develop necessary drawings for WASH infrastructures
  • Submit the document for approval with MoWE
  • Work on comments raise by design review committee(DRC) in the MoWE

Logistic arrangement

Oxfam will provide consultancy fee and support in data collection. No further logistic support will be provide.

Key deliverables

  • Draft design and cost estimate of all schemes is expected by 15th Jan. for Package 2 and 3; and 20th Jan. 2019.
  • The final report should be submitted with a copy of design and estimate of schemes separately and a summary sheet combining all schemes with layout, Line-profile and structure drawings:

Required qualifications

  • The consultant/ consulting firm should have proven experience on survey design and estimate of water supply schemes. The applicant should have completed at least 5 similar works in past 5 years.
  • The team leader should have an engineering background with strong technical knowledge. The CV of team leader should be submitted. The CV of other key positions needs to be submitted
  • If an applicant is interested to bid for more than 4 schemes, they should provide separate human resource strength with CV of team leader.
  • TAX clearance certificate should be submitted

Terms and Conditions

  • Oxfam reserves the right to accept and reject any proposal without giving any verbal and or written rational
  • All data and report produced during assignment will be treated as Oxfam property
  • Oxfam will deduct Tax and VAT at source according to the government policy or consult with OPM to acquire tax clearance.

Interested potential consultants/ consultancy firms with relevant experience can submit sealed bids containing following documents to Oxfam, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga by 17:00Hrs on 20th May 2019 to ugandalogistics@oxfam.org.