TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR A CONSULTANT: Cleaning and analysing of data collected by Irish Aid PG2 Grant project partners


The Oxfam Uganda Country Strategy (OCS) 2015-2019 envisions a Uganda free of extreme inequality and injustice where citizens, (and particularly women) across all age groups claim and exercise their rights and responsibilities and are able to influence decisions that affect their lives. The country strategy is anchored on 3 thematic goals i.e. Governance and Accountability, Resilient Livelihoods and Humanitarian Preparedness and Response. Oxfam in Uganda in collaboration with Oxfam Ireland have secured Programme Grant II (PG II) focusing on two core areas Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth as part of the Resilient Livelihood Thematic area

The project’s Theory of Change is based on a conscientised civil society, and particularly women and youth, able to claim their rights as enshrined in the Constitution and hold duty bearers and elected officials to account. This requires a supportive environment that will ensure that vulnerable people, particularly women, youth and men have access and control over resources necessary for enhanced food and income security, their resilience is enhanced and their vulnerability to both natural and manmade shocks and changes are decreased. Therefore, Oxfam is building, convening and fostering networks, people’s movements and platforms with other rights based civil society organizations aimed at enhancing citizen participation to challenge and hold duty bearers to account. We will rely on thought leadership, research, knowledge and evidence to propose alternative policies and practices.

About the Project

The PGII is a 5-year project grant (Jan 2017-Dec 2021) supported by Irish Aid. The project focuses on two key broad areas i.e Women and Youth Economic Empowerment (W/YEE) and Gender Equality (GE). Impact under these key areas is delivered by Oxfam with local partners. CEDOVIP and UWONET provide institutional support to duty bearers aimed at increasing gender equality, stimulate local activism to prevent GBV, and enhance women’s participation by building strong accountable women leaders. UYONET and IFRAD build capacity of youth to increase their participation in economic empowerment activities, while AFCE and TUNADO deliver activities aimed at increasing women's economic empowerment.

Project Goals

  • To strengthen and widen civil society space and capacity to impact positively on good governance and human rights.
  • To create positive impact on the lives of poor and marginalized people

Project Objectives

The project will address gender equity and economic empowerment across objectives, through;

  • Increased economic empowerment for women and youth
  • Promoting greater gender equality


Oxfam believes project participants are at the centre of our work, and as a result, the project is strengthening its evidenced based reporting. Consequently, Oxfam is supporting the consortium under the project to consolidate and run analysis on the data collected through the project rapid assessment conducted in December 2019.The rapid data collection and assessment is important to our evidence-based reporting because it helps us to understand our beneficiaries and thus design more appropriately for them.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to produce a data set and, upgraded Results Based Framework report. Ultimately these will be used as evidence for decision-making and further planning for the project.

Consultant’s tasks

Through a consultative and participatory process, the consultant will work with the Oxfam project management and Programme Quality team to perform the following activities:

  • Recruit and supervise data entrants: Study consultant will closely monitor data entrants in the course of the task.
  • Training for Data Entrants: Study consultant will provide 1 day training for data entrants
  • Data management and Data entry: The consultant will manage and ensure entry of all collected data.
  • Data cleaning and data analysis: The consultant will clean all the data and he/she should analyze the data by Performing data entry and verification by using availed data entry tools. (In the event that these are not availed, he/she will design a data entry tool using SPSS syntax).
  • Ensure data quality is in place through the use of the provided database tool (or otherwise using SPSS syntax to clean the data once it has been imported into SPSS from data set).
  • Draft final analysis report: The consultant will prepare final draft survey report and submitted to OXFAM after 20 days of data cleaning.
  • Providing analysis presentation – Study consultant will present finding of rapid assessment to the OXFAM team.
  • The consultant will work on the Results Framework of the project


  1. A summary narrative report.
  2. A database with all the questionnaires entered provided by the consultant.
  3. A summary Results Framework

Timing and reporting

This consultancy will be for a maximum of 25 days and the report submitted in 8 days following the completion of the data entry and analysis exercise.

Skills and qualification:

The following skills and qualifications are desirable:

  • 3-5 years-experience as a data analyst with a degree in a relevant field.
  • Familiarity with women and youth economic empowerment and GBV programming.
  • Experience in data collection, entry, management and analysis for both qualitative and quantitative surveys.
  • Ability to write a concise and well-written analytical research report on the results of the survey in English.
  • Ability to work on the Results Based Framework


Proposals are invited based on these Terms of Reference.

The payments will be made in two instalments.

OXFAM reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory or if work/outputs are not achieved.

Application Procedure

All interested parties should respond to the TOR by sending an application to the following address:


Plot No. 3459, Tank Hill Rd, Muyenga

P.O. Box 6228, Kampala, Uganda

Or via email to Ugandalogistics@oxfam.org not later than FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2019