Terms of Reference for Cash and Voucher Transfer Program Audio- Visual Documentation

About Oxfam

Oxfam is a worldwide organisation working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries focusing on the alleviation of global poverty. Oxfam in Uganda works with others to end inequality and its injustices. Our work focuses on deepening governance & accountability processes, fostering resilient livelihoods and building humanitarian capacity as well as responding to humanitarian crisis.

About ELNHA 

The Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) project is implemented in Uganda and Bangladesh and over the last two years, the project has aimed at shifting power and resources in the humanitarian sector from international humanitarian actors to local and national organisations. The aim with this is to promote better sharing of power and resources between international humanitarian actors and local and national organisations. The underlying assumption of the project is that having local and national actors (LNHA) in the driving seat for emergency preparedness and response allows vulnerable people in disaster prone areas to benefit from timely and appropriate humanitarian response.

Over the last four years, the project has focused on achieving this systemic change in the humanitarian sector, through the three main strategies. First of all, the capacity of LNHAs is strengthened so that they can lead humanitarian action, Secondly, these actors are given a voice to create a strong domestic humanitarian agenda in their countries. Thirdly and lastly, international NGOs and donors are influenced, based on solid evidence, so that they provide more space and means for the LNHAs to play a leading role in the humanitarian action.

The ELNHA project has been implemented in 2 phases: the first phase (ELNHA I, January 2016 – March 2019) entailed a significant component of capacity development of LNHAs and testing of empowering modalities and mechanisms, while the second phase (ELNHA II, April 2019 – March 2021) is a period of consolidation and further development of the achievements of the first three years.

Cash Transfer Programs 

ELNHA project promotes adoption and scaling up of the use of cash transfer programs (CTP) as a means of delivering assistance to the crisis affected people. The use of CTP in delivering response provides an opportunity for the affected people to make greater choices and promote dignity. Like the work on local humanitarian leadership, the focus on CTP is about shifting power to people in disaster prone areas through the provision of economic and financial opportunity It is also viewed as an empowering approach in decision making and also promotes local markets.

CTP is one of the thematic work streams recognized by the largest donors and aid providers in the ‘Grand Bargain’, the package of humanitarian funding reforms launched at the World Humanitarian Summit in June 2016. As part of efforts towards increased localization, aid organizations and donors have committed to increase use of cash voucher assistance; invest in new delivery models which can be increased in scale while identifying best practice and mitigating risks in each context; build an evidence base to assess the costs, benefits, impacts, and risks of cash (including on protection); and ensure that coordination, delivery, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are put in place for cash transfers programming.

Under the ELNHA project, a number of initiatives have been undertaken such as CTP Local humanitarian leadership development advance level training program, Basic CTP training program, Cash Coordination, Consortium formation and Management, developing CTP project and implementation, accessing CTP funding, CTP package formulation, revision and practice, Influence donor for cash programming, etc.

Summary of the assignment

As part of facilitating the uptake of the ELNHA approach both within Oxfam and externally, the project is building a user-friendly evidence base and package of tools to support program design and delivery of cash and voucher assistance programs

As part of this evidence building, the project seeks to design and create two online products which will include a short video, illustrations/animation that will draw attention to ELNHA specifically on the Cash Transfer and Voucher program

Oxfam is therefore looking for a consultant to design and create two online products i.e., a short video telling the Cash and Voucher Transfer program story (what it is and the impact) and an illustration or animation of the same.

The consultant(s) will review existing learning review reports on CTP, existing documentation including photos and where not sufficient, conduct a field visit to source for the relevant information. The consultants shall produce a rich short video that incorporates images, text, info graphics that in brief tells and sells the CTP approach.


Communication Objective: To produce compelling audio-visual products (video and illustrations/animations) that will be used online as part of facilitating the uptake of the ELNHA approach both within Oxfam and externally

Target Audience: Donors, Oxfam affiliates, Oxfam staff, National and Local Humanitarian actors

Expected Deliverables

  • 10-minute video
  • Illustration or animation


See video ideas – This is to provide an idea and inspiration but the video needs to be unique, creative and engaging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zx1-64YS6c 


  1. The consultant(s) will adhere to Oxfam policies
  2. The consultant(s) will use the Oxfam informed consent forms which will be delivered back with the content in case new content will be collected.
  3. The consultant(s) will sign the Oxfam external code of conduct.
  4. The consultant(s) will present his / her subjects with dignity.
  5. The consultant(s) will be expected to bring creativity


  1. Sit with the Oxfam team to understand the concept and available piece of work – 21st April 2021
  2. Production ideas and script – 23rd April 2021
  3. Draft video and illustrations by - 30th April 2021
  4. Final products by -11th May


Please submit your budget and technical proposal including the profile of the team that will carry out the exercise to ugandalogistics@oxfam.org by 16th April 2021.