Call for Proposals: Supporting community-led peacebuilding in districts hosting refugees

About Oxfam 

Oxfam is a worldwide organization that employs over 6,000 people in more than 90 countries. We work together with partners and local communities to overcome poverty and suffering. We strive for a world where resources and power are distributed more equally and where everyone’s rights to a livelihood, basic services, protection from violence, and a say in their future are upheld. A world in which everyone enjoys the same opportunities – regardless of gender, race, culture, or physical ability. In Uganda, Oxfam works to promote good governance and accountability, resilient livelihoods, and to strengthen humanitarian preparedness and response at all levels. Oxfam has engaged in the South Sudan refugee responses since January 2014, with programming in water, sanitation and hygiene; food security and livelihoods; gender; protection; and peacebuilding.


While the peace agreement in South Sudan has entered a new phase, there is much uncertainty around the future trajectory of the transitional government. Levels of intercommunal violence have increased in some parts of the country in the past months, and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold. In this context, there are currently 2.2 million South Sudanese refugees across the East Africa region, with the largest number (881,282 as of June 2020) hosted in Uganda. Many South Sudanese refugees have been in Uganda for an extended period, or have experienced multiple displacements.

While much of the focus has been on the humanitarian assistance to refugee populations, there is a critical need to do more to support South Sudanese refugees themselves as “agents for peace”. In many refugee settlements across Northern Uganda, the tensions and conflict lines of the South Sudanese conflict are reflected in the relationships between refugees themselves, occasionally leading to violence. At the same time, incidents of conflict between refugees and host communities also continue to take place. Any sustainable effort to address the causes of conflict and to support peace both in South Sudan, and amongst the refugee population in Uganda, relies on refugees themselves. In this way, Oxfam is inviting South Sudanese-led organizations and initiatives, as well as Ugandan Community-Based Organizations present in refugee hosting areas, to submit proposals for this call.

Under this project Oxfam will support South Sudanese-led organizations as well as Ugandan Community-Based Organizations present in refugee hosting areas to carry out activities within refugee settlements under any of the following themes:

  • Building peaceful coexistence with host communities
  • Engaging in mediation or dispute resolution relating to incidents of violence or ongoing sources of tension either within refugee communities, or in relation to refugee and host communities;
  • Supporting refugees’ awareness of and engagement in South Sudan peace processes
  • Addressing ethnic and political cleavages among refugees
  • Addressing youth idleness and poverty as a strategy for conflict mitigation
  • Documenting and remembering the impact of the conflict
  • Addressing the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak on conflict dynamics
  • Engaging with authorities to develop/discuss strategies for conflict mitigation in settlements


Timeframe: Proposed activities should take place between January and December 2021.
Budget: Proposed budgets for proposals should range from 25 to 40 million UGX for activities to take place throughout the year.

Geographical location

Proposed activities should take place in Arua (new Terego and Madi Okolo Districts; for Rhino, Omugo and Imvepi settlements), Yumbe District (Bidibidi settlement), and Lamwo District (Palabek settlement). Applicant should have a physical presence in the proposed project location.

Legal status: Applications are welcome from both South Sudanese-led organizations and initiatives, as well as Local Ugandan NGOs/community-based organizations operating in refugee hosting areas in Northern Uganda. Applicants are encouraged to register as community-based organizations, if needed.

Selection criteria

Organizations will be selected based on: - Demonstrated experience in and commitment to conducting peacebuilding activities with South Sudanese refugees. - Past engagements, experiences, and presence in proposed project location. - Participation of women and youth in proposed project. - Feasibility of proposed activities. - Rationale for and appropriateness of program design. - Use of innovative approaches. - Appropriateness of proposed budget.

Note: Those organizations who have received funding for 2020 for peacebuilding initiatives through the similar Call for Proposals are not considered eligible for this round of funding.

Application/Selection Process

  1. Applications must be submitted electronically by email to copying in and with the subject line specifying “SS peace proposals 2020” and the name of the organization. Applications should be submitted by 5:00pm on 30th September 2020.
  2. Evaluation of the proposals by a panel within Oxfam.
  3. Shortlisting, interviews and capacity/risk assessment of selected partners.
  4. Final review and approval of project and budget by Oxfam.