Call for Proposals: Facilitation of a South Sudanese Women’s Residential Writing & Performance Program

Deadline: 4 March 2019

Background information:

Women have played important roles in South Sudan’s national and grassroots peace processes. They have directly participated in the process and influenced key actors. While analysts and international organizations have made some efforts to document women’s experiences of conflict and participation in peacebuilding, there remains a significant gap in the availability of women’s first-person accounts and reflections that give their perspectives on important moments and events in South Sudan’s history, in their own words.

Oxfam seeks to fill this gap by making writing coaching available to a small group of South Sudanese women and by supporting their written products to reach a wide range of audiences. The objectives of the project are:

  • To give participating women the space, time and enhanced skills to enable them to write in a compelling way about their experiences with conflict and peacebuilding.
  • To ensure that the public historical record of South Sudan’s conflicts and peace processes, includes the voices and perspectives of South Sudanese women, through their own writing.
  • To build a small community of women writers who support and encourage each other to tell their own stories and those of their fellow women in writing, even beyond the writing retreat.

Summary of the assignment:

Oxfam requires a writing/media/performance trainer(s) to facilitate the writing retreat and support the process of making written products accessible by the public.

Activities to be undertaken by consultant:

  • Support in selection of participants.
  • Develop program for and facilitate a 5-day writing retreat for approximately 15 women, focused on personal creative non-fiction.
  • Editing and preparation for publication of at least 15 written essays.
  • Support for publication of essays in a variety of formats.
  • Complete an end of project report, including further recommendations to advance project objectives.

Expected deliverables:

  • At least 15 edited personal essays written by South Sudanese women.
  • Support for publication of essays in a variety of formats (could include book, radio, podcast, online outlets, live/oral performance).


  • Project will take place between March and July 2019.


Consultants should indicate fees for services described. They should also provide an indication of costs associated with proposed publication/dissemination of written products. All travel and venue costs will be paid directly by Oxfam. Consultants should feel free to propose a specific location or venue for the writing retreat.


Please submit your concept detailing your creative vision for this project, including the proposed strategy, plan and timeline to achieve the above objectives. Include the budget and relevant CVs. Please send applications to by 4 March 2019.